Now Hiring: Field Leads & Pro [...]

Sky Retail Services is hiring! We’re looking to add on qualified candidates for several field lead & project manager positions in Cumming, GA, our headquarters location. We encourage all who are interested to apply regardless of your level of field experience (although that is great to have!), and we are equal opportunity employers. We’re looking […]


Vocabulary of Retail: What is a Ca [...]

Remodel, renovation, redesign—use any of these terms to describe a job to a retail industry outsider and you’’ll be understood. But when we start throwing out terms like “category reset” or “merchandising reset,” we know we’re just asking for blank stares from friends and family! So we’re dedicating a blog to demystifying this little bit […]


Retail Trend Rollout: “Co-Retail [...]

So many current trends seem to revolve around evolving answers to the question of how to use public spaces. Do consumers want to shop in shopping centers, or in multi-use developments where they also work and play? Should work be done alone in an office, or in a co-working space where you can also network […]


Finding the Remodel Opportunity: R [...]

A new profile of consumer goods retailer Target’s latest moves offers an interesting case study on how retailers can stay agile in a time of market chaos. As malls begin to lose consumer interest in an age of online shopping, a large number of bankruptcies and store closures have been announced by retailers who long […]


New Report Shows Retail Rollout Op [...]

Now is a time of big change in the American retail market. We’re seeing expansion from European chains like ALDI and Lidl, while former-stalwarts like Macy’s shutter and struggle. it might seem as though European retail brands are experiencing more of an upswing than their American counterparts, but a new report from CBRE group suggests […]


Memorial Day (The Sky Retail Way)

Our Sky Retail Team is used to working around-the-clock, on nights, and on weekends to reach our clients’ turnaround goals—but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to unwind on a day off! Sometimes, though, we must admit: our passion for efficiency and great retail installation solutions can get the better of us. You just might […]


How to Keep Your Grocery Remodel Fresh

Like many branches of retail, the grocery industry is now in a period of exciting—and sometimes intimidating—change. We’ve written about the opportunities and challenges facing retail grocery in the past, and one of the main recommendations we see for grocery chains is to take the opportunity of a remodel to change the way customers see […]


Creating Retail Displays for Mothe [...]

It helps to start thinking about Mother’s Day early when you’re a retailer—not just for Mom’s sake, but to give a quick reminder to customers and an easy boost to sales! Your sales niche will have a lot to do with the way you choose to take advantage of the holiday with your merchandising, but […]


Eating Trends Affect Grocery & [...]

Changing consumer habits have been upending traditional expectations across all retail industries of late, but food sectors like grocery and casual dining have to contend with more than just online shopping. Our nation’s shifting food habits also come into play in the industry’s current plate tectonics. 2016 was the weakest year for the casual dining […]


Blend Online & In-Store Exper [...]

With online shopping here to stay, more and more retailers are looking for ways to tie in-store branding to online promotions, and vice versa. Online promotions may get some customers through the door, but let’s face it–for many customers, your brand’s “store experience” and “digital experience” may overlap as they search online right from the […]

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