Have You Heard of the Retail Mullet?

Online retail behemoth Amazon recently announced it would begin opening its first brick-and-mortar stores in the interest of going omnichannel, and you can find a great overview of what that’s likely to look like here. But we have to admit, we were really struck by the hairstyle inspiration marketing strategist Eric Feinberg was hit with to describe Amazon’s strategy in a nutshell: the “retail mullet.” In other words, according to Feinberg, “stores will have a showroom up front with a limited selection of inventory and engaging multi-touch displays, while the distribution center will take up real estate in the back.” It’s an interesting strategy that Amazon has already played with for its flagship bookstore, but it made us wonder: how many other hairstyle metaphors can we come up with to apply to retail?

So we decided to find out!

Our first-and-only hairstyle-inspired lingo list to describe the installer side of the retail world:

The Crew Cut
The way we approach every installer team: straight up, no fuss, even playing field all around

The Mohawk
Lots of effort put into keeping standards high on the job, with no nonsense on the side

The Comb-Over
When other installers botch install jobs and we’re called in to correct and finish

The High and Tight
The precise way our teams are trained to maneuver the scissor lift

The Bouffant
The process of installing complex fixtures and facades to create a larger-than-life display

The Bowl Cut
When other install teams cut all the corners

The Perm
Setting the store merchandiser’s planogram vision into place with quality that lasts til time for another retail reset.

Got any other ideas? Let us know, or come up with a list of your own!

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