New Website Rollout! See How We’ve Grown

If you’ve visited our website in the past few days, you might have noticed: we have a new look! We’ve been quietly working behind the scenes on the website redesign, and we’re ready to unveil and shout it from the rooftops!

In addition to the new “decor,” we’ve added more content, photos, and–our favorite–mini-gallery portfolios of our work sortable by industry or service. We’ve organized things a little differently this time, so feel free to check out the new homepage and poke around.

Building Out the Future of Retail: Our Story So Far

For us, the new website marks a new chapter of major growth and change for the company. Sky Retail Service was founded out of an obsession with quality: after several years working in the retail installation industry, we had time to notice the most common shortfalls of contractor teams, and became convinced a better way was possible. Call it a perfectionist streak. That’s why we lasered in on staffing and recruiting from the start, choosing candidates with strong skillsets and work ethics to grow with us.

Company-wide, comprehensive training on our standards was a goal from the very beginning, but until the new headquarters with its full training facility was completed in 2016, we didn’t have an easy way to personally train all of our workers. Building the training facility was a symbolic milestone for us, and we went all out to make it everything we’d dreamed of: huge, mock-retail environments, with every type of decor, fixture, signage, wallpaper, or graphics you can imagine (generously donated by clients)–even our own scissor lifts! From there, we went into overdrive designing our ideal Sky Certification courses, covering everything we believe workers should know before being sent out in the field, and making sure to allow room for recruits from different specialties to cross-pollinate their skills and grow as teams. (If you’d like to learn more about our training process, check out our new Sky Certified Training page.)

Sky Retail Service’s “Year of Training”

We declared 2017 the “Year of Training,” and committed to getting everyone on our teams to complete the full Sky Certified training–including flying in far-flung workers to our Georgia headquarters (our team members are nationwide). The year isn’t over yet, but we’ve already met that goal. We’ll be keeping up regular training courses for new recruits and creating additional training events and course updates as we go. The Sky Certification courses are extensions of our core values, and we only expect them to grow and improve in 2018 and beyond.

With our new website, new clients, and our newly Sky Certified installers, we’re feeling pretty excited about building out the future of retail these days. For those who’ve been with us from the beginning, both employees and clients–thank you for making our vision possible.