Our Services

Sky Retail Services provides national millwork and fixture installation, remodeling and project management services to leading retailers in all categories, as well as the fixture, display and graphics companies that supply them. The extensive background and experience of Sky Retail Service’s founders and management team provides expertise in retail construction. Sky was founded to offer the retail industry a reliable, high-quality alternative to relying on internal resources for all aspects of comprehensive projects. Sky’s commitment to be the best is unwavering.

High End Millwork

Whether it’s for a new store opening or remodel, we believe in the impact of great millwork. If you’re an Atlanta manufacturer of architectural, high-end millwork, let us bring it to life with an expert installation.


Decor Installation

We specialize in conducting large-scale category resets across the nation. No matter the scale, our team is equipped to fully outfit a retail space with any décor that needs to be installed, including wall coverings, wallpaper, vinyl hanging banners, three dimensional lettering, signage, and more.

Just as important, we do it in the amount of time you have available: one of our recently completed grocery store remodels with all new paint and signage took just 30 hours total to install. In yet another grocery décor rollout, we converted 1,100 stores in just two weeks.

See what we accomplish for you.


National Rollout Program

High quality national rollout programs are a specialty, and we’ve had a hand in many successful nationwide launches. What we’ve learned, we put to work for you.

Because we know communication is critical in a rollout phase, we implement a customized extranet for each project. This allows our clients to manage all aspects of the project and ensure all directives and last-minute changes are communicated instantly. Once logged in, you can view our progress day to day. Efficient service means less down time.


Fixture Installation

From cash-wraps, to side-caps, to full gondolas, Sky Retail can handle installation of any retail fixture, in addition to décor. Whether it’s a one-time installation or part of a broader rollout, we have your needs covered.


Site Survey

Need a site survey before a project? We can handle that for you. We conduct the survey and deliver results to you in a comprehensive package with digital photographs, dimensions and site peculiarities to ensure all installations run smoothly.