Visual Merchandising Tips for Displays: From Meek to Chic

We know: you just want to create a great retail display. The trouble is, “great” is subjective, and “you’ll know it when you see it” isn’t the best guideline to go on.

Whether you’re a small retailer taking on display design out of necessity, or part of a merchandising team, there’s always room for a little more inspiration.

Keep It Simple

Clean and classic lines will save you every time in design. Remember, a design that explodes with color and disparate elements might grab attention, but will it focus that attention on the product? There’s always a chance that cluttered design will distract, especially in the retail environment where attention is often divided. Clean and simple, bold lines also tend to be favored by brands in the Asian market in particular, which is a region experiencing lots of retail growth. Brands looking for an international strategy should consider simplifying.

Use Color to Your Advantage

“Less is more” when it comes to signature colors, too. Try using a few signature colors (3 is probably a good maximum), with a pop of a bold hue for your most important branding element. This pairs well with the simplicity strategy, keeping the eye focused and directed exactly where you want it to be. For extra credit, look into color psychology—the color red can motivate us to action or warning, blue signals trust, and green is associated with purity. Complex ideas can be communicated very simply if you keep your color message in mind.

In-Store Practicality is #1

If your visual merchandising will need to be implemented across multiple stores or regions, keep practical details like how stackable or foldable the visual displays you design will be. Will it store and transport easily? Will instructions be easy for the store installer to follow? If you’re sending a design off to a visual merchandising supplier to fulfill, make sure up-to-date, accurate measurements are provided for each store that will use the display design, to prevent schedule delays down the line.

And remember: visual merchandising for displays can be a work of art unto itself, but you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here OR make it into the Guggenheim! All you need is a display that lets the right elements—your products—shine.

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